Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Labor Day (Monday 7th September)

Today was Labor Day, so nobody had work or school today. This meant I could hang out with my family. = )

I'm still pretty jetlagged, having had no sleep for the past 24 hrs and playing extreme Wii, I only managed to get 6 hours sleep....waking up at 6am in the morning.

My aunt and her family decided to come over to my Uncle's house. After playing some more Wii for a little while we decided that we were hungry and wanted to get something to eat. My Cousin Aubrey decided to go to the Boiling Crab. It sounded quite a nice place to go and I've never been before as well. So off we went to the Boiling Crab. When we got there, we found out that it does not open til 3pm on weekdays. I thought 3pm was a very strange time to open as it was neither lunch time nor dinner time. But what can I do about that. We went Yum Cha instead. The dim sum was decent but it didnt have the variety that you would get in London or HK.

After lunch, we went to Brea Mall where we walked around to digest the food we just had. We spent a lot of time in Brookstone where there were lots of massage chairs to try. Then we went to have some more food in the form of coldstone ice cream. = P Aubrey had invented a new and weird flavour and wanted me to try it. It involved the mixing of vanilla bean ice cream and mint ice cream followed by a crushing of kitkats. The guy serving us looked at us weirdly as we ordered it however it was actually surprisingly tasty.

After Brea Mall, we went back to my uncle's house for some more Wii playing! Afterwards we went for dinner at a Japanese restaurant for dinner. They had so many different types of sushi which you wouldn't find in a conventional Japanese restaurant in London. They were all weird and wonderful creations. Even though they were on the pricier side, they were delicious and i think they were worth it. Afterwards we went back to my uncle's house for some more Wii! Then we went for a swim in my uncle's pool (communal pool shared between the neighbors) and in the jacuzzi. It was nice being able to look up into the night sky and seeing lots of stars around. Afterwards we played some more Wii. I'm starting to think that I've been playing a lot of Wii recently. = )

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