Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Crazy days

Orientation was a fun time of meeting lots and lots of people. It's one of those occasions where you meet so many people that the next time you meet the same person, you can only recognise them but you can't remember there names. It was great meeting new people. The other side of orientation were the talks they give you. They are some of the most boring talks that you can ever here. The only consolation was that they had a raffle prize draw at the beggining of each talk for a bike. I didn't win it though unfortuantely so it was bit of a waste of time.

As I didn't have a place to stay for the weekend because my apartment move-in date wasn't til the monday, I went back down to Orange County. Also it was Lynnette's Birthday over the weekend. We went to Maxim's Cafe in Rowland Heights with Lynnette and her family. It was nice going back there with the massive portions of food! = P I was especially surprised by their souffle. I wasn't expecting to order a souffle in a chinese restaurant let alone being very tasty and massive. But then again, they served portions of chips as well. We then went to a Boba (Bubble Tea) place for boba despite already being extremely full from Maxim's. I was craving for it though ever since I got to California. Afterwards we went to Lynnette's place and we watched a Thai movie called "Chocolate". It's a Thai martial arts film. It's about an autistic girl who learns muy thai and all sorts of martial arts by watching tv and living next to a muy thai school. She then goes on a rampage of beating up her mother's debtor's, as her mother used to be an ex-gangster, in order to get money to treat her mother's cancer.

On sunday, I went to church with Lynnette. It was my second time there. The church is quite small and it has a family like feel. Everyone knows each other and they are very friendly. Before the worship service, we had Sunday School. Every Sunday, they would have Sunday School for all ages. It was quite different from CCiL and other churches I have been to. It was like back to when I was a kid where there was one person at the front who did all the teaching. While other churches, it was more discussion based. After the worship service, we had a mini party for Lynnette. It was good meeting people and it was quite amusing watching them trying to "echo" my accent.

After the party, I was "absorbed" into the Woo family without really being given a choice for another family celebratory dinner. This time we were joined by Lynnette's cousin - Karissa and Tiffanie. But first we went back to Lynnette's house to watch Ponyo - I fell asleep about halfway through it- not that it wasn't good it was just that I was too tired, but its about a magical fish who falls in love with a boy on land and she wants to become human but her father disapproves. It's kinda like a Japanese version of The Little Mermaid. What followed was kinda a crazy night. It involved going out for dinner at a bakery kinda place in Yes Plaza - the food was pretty nice and we had tapioca drinks for desert, flicking a paper dumpling at each other to see which family's blocking method is the best, Lynnette, Karissa and Tiffanie hijacking my camera (The pics and vids on facebook are pretty self explanatory) and watching clips of insanely high pitched but incredible male singers on youtube.

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