Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Day One (Sunday 6th September)

I've decided to start blogging about my time in California in order to keep everyone posted.

Day One:
The flight landed at LAX at around 2.30pm. And I managed to get out of the airport by 3.10pm considering the flight was completely full and its LAX. The flight was pretty uneventful, although we had a very funny Chief air steward who would crack a lot of jokes on the PA system. I also managed to watch all the summer films that I didn't get to watch in England...Fast and Furious, X-Men Origins, Star Trek and Monsters Vs Aliens! = P

I was met by my cousin and Uncle, Aubrey and Calvin, at the airport and the first thing I had was a mocha frappaccino. = ) I am still not used to US dollars right now, still in Pound sterling mode >_<....the mocha frappaccino was like $4.50 or something and I was thinking that that was really expensive as in my mind I was thinking £4.50, hmm its very expensive! But $4.50 is only like £2.80...so it is still expensive, around the same as London.

One thing I noticed as we got out of the airport and onto the freeway was the lack of cars. Usually there would be heaps of cars around and traffic jams but it was empty this time. Then I remembered it was a Sunday and it was Labor Day weekend....so it was a Bank Holiday weekend.

I am currently staying at my Uncle's house. It's pretty nice. We went to my other aunt's house for dinner. There was so much food and it was delicious! = P We played a lot of Wii because my cousin Derrick brought the new Wii sports resort! It's really fun but tiring. I was so tired at the end of it considering I hadn't slept for the past 24 hrs and California is 8 hours behind London so I was a bit jetlagged.

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